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LEAD THE WAY - Want to be a part of something BIG?


People need in-person connection which is perhaps the most significant sales tools in these modern digital times. Effective engagement marketing requires constant connection, and there’s no better way to achieve that connection than through killer events. We disrupt the market by providing the best content by far, making every speaker on stage feel like a rock star and bringing unexpected experiences to business events.



DO YOU WANT TO GROW? - Become an expert!


We believe that a company is just as good as its employees are and that is why we put a lot of effort in developing our team. We value your ideas and give you the freedom to work in a way that is best for you. There is no middle management and you will become a top expert of your field of work. If you prove your capabilities, we are very eager at trusting you with extra responsibilities!



COLLEAGUES AND FRIENDS - There is no I in team.


Our events can’t be done single handed and that’s why all our employees have a special assignment and full support from each other.  We all have a fighter attitude and we´re not afraid to walk the extra mile. We strive for efficiency and everyone can focus on their specific lines of duties.



FUN AT WORK? - People make the workplace.


Work needs to be fun and we want you to feel happy at work. We have a very low hierarchy and an open culture. All ideas are worth hearing and you get to be part of making something new. An essential part of our culture is to reward ourselves with competitions, prices, parties and trips. We grow and succeed together!


Work hard, play hard? Damn straight! 

Sales Manager
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